• Mike Trout, Hornet Hunter

    The American hornet hunter trained by Japan's top hunters.

  • The Making of the Smithsonian Channel's Killer Hornets

    Mike Trout on the creation/filming of Killer Hornets

  • My Story

    Born in the US, raised in Spain, UK I now live in Japan. I am a serial entrepreneur with a passion for trying to do good. I spend my time living between Japan, US. I am passionate about saving our planet and it's living systems using a new selfless business model I created called foundups. I am currently writing a book with my amazing friend Diana called "Fighting Killer Hornets" I just finished filming my a new amazing 4K documentary on Japanese hornets that will air Summer 2016. .

    My work is supported with contributions. If you want to help in this endeavor join our crowdfunding campaign.

  • An amazing UNIQUE gift For Animal Planet fans!

    A gift that will wow and shock your friends

    Hunting #KillerHornet Eco-Adventure in Amazing Shikoku Japan
    $195.00 - $995.00
    KillerHornet Queen Honey
  • Seen giant killer hornet in US? If so, I want to know. Send me details here:

    Killer Hornets are in America and since making the show I am getting email and reports of them. I want to come to you and hunt them. If you see one do not approach it. Stay calm and still. Smile and think of a loved one. This is to reduce your "fear" pheromones which they might react too. Post pictures with scale here or email me below. 

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    or Skype: Foundup

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