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Earthtouch 1 yr later Responds to POST


Dear Michael


Thank you for your time on Skype this week. We would like to thank you for your valued contribution to the Hornets program.

I apologies on behalf of Earth Touch, that you did not receive the airing information you wanted ahead of the Smithsonian premiere. Going forward, please direct any and all questions and concerns to me directly and I can ensure you get the necessary information that you require. I will be your key contact on all communication going forward.

As we discussed on Monday, Earth Touch is contractually bound in terms of the type of information we are allowed to share with the general public, and you - as our expert consultant on this Program - are subject to the same legal obligations. That is why we made sure that the agreements with you reflected our obligations and we had those signed by you. I attach the agreements for your easy reference.

The confidentially terms survives the production of the program, so even though the production is over, the restrictions will apply in perpetuity.

I can have our lawyer send a detailed breakdown of each relevant clause - however as discussed, I would prefer not go the full legal and expensive route unless necessary.

As promised, I have tried to simply outline below what you need to please do, as a matter of urgency. If you are not prepared to do this, please response ASAP so that I can pursue the next course of action.

Please could you urgently :

  •  Remove all public statements/discussions on any social media or online platform about the Hornets program, Earth Touch and its staff, Smithsonian Networks and National Geographic.
  •  Confirm that all online video links relating to the Hornets production have now been deleted.  This includes all stills images and footage filmed during the production of the Hornets film.
  • Strictly speaking we should request that all images and videos material you’ve captured on any Earth Touch shoots be returned to Earth Touch and your personal copies deleted, however if you agree in writing that you’ll remove all this content from any and all online platforms, that will suffice. 
  • Should you require specific use of any of the footage or confidential information from the shoot – you are welcome to provide us with a detailed request and we will attempt to obtain permission from the broadcaster on your behalf.
  • Then please confirm that going forward - All aspects of your consultation, the services you provided to Earth Touch and your involvement in the Program will remain confidential between ET and yourself.

I would be more than willing to provide a write up outlining the outstanding work you did for Earth Touch, or if you would like to send us any written information that you want to publish regarding your contracted skills on the shoot, I can have it reviewed for approval so that you can publish the info.

Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.



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