• Mike Trout, Hornet Hunter

    The American hornet hunter trained by Japan's top hunters.

  • The Making of the Smithsonian Channel's Killer Hornets

    Mike Trout on the creation/filming of Killer Hornets

  • My Story

    Born in the US, raised in Spain, UK I now live in Japan. I am a serial entrepreneur with a passion for bees. I spend my time living between Japan, US. I am launched foundups.com for transforming our insane business model with a new selfless business model I created called foundups. I am currently writing a book with my amazing friend Diana called "Fighting Killer Hornets" I just finished filming my a new amazing 4K documentary on Japanese hornets that will air Summer 2016.

    All my youtube videos are ad-free and in the creative commons open to all to use, thanks to the support of my contributions. If you want to support my work you can do so by joining our crowdfunding campaign.

  • Seen giant killer hornet in US? If so, I want to know. Send me details here:

    Killer Hornets are in America and since making the show I am getting email and reports of them. I want to come to you and hunt them. If you see one do not approach it. Stay calm and still. Smile and think of a loved one. This is to reduce your "fear" pheromones which they might react too. Post pictures with scale here or email me below. 

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    or Skype: Foundup

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    +1 202 656-6012 

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